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Probe Insertion

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Psl provide a complete Probe Insertion service. We can provide the facility so new internal probes can be installed into the existing live and running pipe systems. This method saves downtime, money and without the need to drain down the system. It is also a quick and effective method used for gaining accurate flow or temperature measurement on steel pipework of any size.

How Probe Insertion Works

Like Hot Tapping, Probe Insertion is a method of installing a new probe point into a pipe system. This is carried out when there are no other means of isolation to achieve it. It is also carried out when it’s inconvenient to drain or when it’s not the preferred.

Probe Insertion Process

The process involves welding a custom made saddle onto the pipework, this is so a probe can be inserted and wound in. It is then possible to input sensors, from which temperature and/or flow measurements can be taken.

The new probe can be installed whilst, the pipe system is operational and without disturbing its usual operation in any way. Probe Insertion has proven itself to be of valuable use to our clients, who require extra metering points. Its also provides accurate flow analysis and local temperature readings to be possible, to run their systems with maximum efficiency.

If you require any other information in regards to this process in which we provide this service, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email, live chat or social media. We are here to provide a great service and will endeavour to provide the best service for all our clients.