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Pipefreezing Services Ltd. provides efficient Pipe Freezing Solutions. We carry out our day to day duties, with our vast wealth of collective knowledge and we adhere to all relevant health and safety procedures.

We use Liquid Nitrogen Pipe Freezing to achieve a safe and effective method of achieving pipeline isolation at times when there is no alternative. If draining down between existing isolation points will take too much time, or lose too much fluid from the system, then Liquid Nitrogen for this pipe freezing method is the best solution.

Frozen and Drained Pipe Freeze
Multiple Simultaneous freezes
Liquid Nitrogen
Ice Plug
Pipe Freezer
Defective Valve Change
Pipe Freezing Services
Frozen and Drained Pipe Freeze
Multiple Simultaneous freezes
Liquid Nitrogen
Ice Plug
Defective Valve Change
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This method is perfect because it avoids the costly delays of draining down the whole system. As well as avoiding the costly delays, it also saves time and hassle of refilling and venting the system. Other savings this method provides are the expense of replacing chemicals, precious additives and salts that may be lost during the draining down of the process.

How Pipe Freezing Works

The pipe that requires freezing is isolated and fitted with an Aluminium or Steel Jacket. The pipe is then bathed in the Liquid Nitrogen, long enough to freeze the internal fluid contents of the pipe. This then forms an ice plug to withstand the system pressure and it’s contents. Once the pipe freezing is complete, the pipe can be cut, drained, unbolted or unwound in order for important modifications to take place.

Pipe Freezing allows maintenance and modifications to be, carried out under isolation safely. This includes but is not limited to; dead leg removal, existing pipework modification, Isolation for demolition, radiator removal and rerouting of pipework.

Pipe Isolation

With a Pipe Freeze, isolation can be held for as long as you require. In most cases soldering, welding and brazing can take place on freeze isolated pipes as well as cutting, threading, press-fitting and the use of compression fittings.

We can provide pipe freezing for a variety of pipe sizes from, as small as 15mm to large pipes of up to twenty inches and beyond. Pipe freezing can allow for a range of materials such as Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, Copper, Ductile Iron, Iron and Stainless Steel to be isolated. Liquid Nitrogen Pipe Freezing allows so many fluids to be frozen. We are able to test sample substances in our workshop, to study the feasibility of achieving a pipe freeze.

A wide variety of different pipe materials and their contents can be used for pipe freezing solutions.

Pipe materials

Aluminium Alloys

Carbon Nickel

Copper-based Alloys


Lined Pipes

Nickel Alloy

Stainless Steel

Usual Pipe Contents




Liquid Food Products



Various Chemicals

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