Line Stopping

Line Stopping

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Line Stopping is a method that is used in achieving pipeline isolation, in specific situations where pipe freezing is not possible. For instance, when a system cannot be cooled, or pumps cannot be turned off. This occurs in large organisations such as Hospitals, Hotels or on critical systems that must run continuously.

Instead of Pipe Freezing, a Hot Tap is carried out first on the pipe that requires isolation. This Follows the same procedure as shown on our Hot Tapping page or in our Hot Tapping guide and downloads.

Once we have completed the Hot Tap, the Line Stop is installed using a valved connection. A specialist kit is then attached, isolation is achieved by installing a “mechanical bung” or balloon into the pipeline. This is done with the aim of stopping the flow of its contents. Depending on the situation, a pipe freeze may then be carried out on the flow stopped pipe. This will achieve a 100% isolation, to allow us to safely carry out modifications to the pipeline.

This Line Stopping procedure can be carried out on a variety of pipe materials and sizes. It can also be used to isolate many forms of fluid.


Common Pipeline Contents


Chilled Water

Compressed Air

Domestic Water


Petroleum Products



Line Stopping Benefits

Compresses Air, Gasses and Liquids it can be applied to

Harmful liquids or gasses, Minimal loss

Isolate Sections of Ring Main

No backfilling time

No Drain down required

Suitable for Fire Protection and Sprinkler systems

Suitable for Hydrants

Services maintained with minimal disruption


Line Stopping Services

Installation to bypass Piping Sytems

New Construction Tie-ins

New Pipeline Construction

Orifice Taps for Flow Meter

Preventing a Shutdown

Pipefreezing Services Limited can provide comprehensive Line Stopping solutions for our clients across the UK, all year round. 


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