Hot Tapping

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Pipefreezing Services Ltd offers a full Hot Tapping service. This method involves under pressure drilling of pipework systems to establish a new branch welded or clamped connections, eliminating system downtime. If you’d like to download our Hot Tapping guide, please Click Here where you can obtain a comprehensive breakdown of how it works.

What is a Hot Tap

Live under pressure drilling of pipework or “Hot Tapping” as it is known is a clever method of achieving new pipeline branches off of existing live pipework. The process is especially useful when a system cannot be drained, shut off or otherwise isolated and new connections are needed. The hot tapping process allows for the new connections to be installed and drilled while the system is live and running.

Hot Tapping Process

This process is completed with the use of a custom made rig that is designed to withhold the pressure and contents of the pipe while it is driven live. The rig also ensures a smooth straight cut and minimizes Swarf, which is the most essential element in hot tapping, however, this is the “coupon catcher”.

This is an attachment used with the hole saw. This is to ensure that when the pipe wall is cut, the resulting piece of pipe or “coupon” as it is called is caught by the drill assembly and not dropped into the live pipe system.

The new connections point is always pressure tested before drilling commences. This is to ensure that the connections are watertight and have been installed correctly. This ensures full peace of mind and quality of the workmanship, that we always provide.

The full range of pipe sizes can be hot tapped. We can establish new connections onto a variety of pipeline materials. These materials include Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, Copper, Ductile Iron and Stainless Steel.

The method can be achieved via the use of welding or on other materials. When welding is not the preferred option, we can also supply purpose made full encirclement clamps, this is to achieve the same result.

Hot Tapping Method

Hot Tapping can also be a useful method of pipe analysis. For example, if an unknown pipe is found while excavating and there is no mention on the drawings, a Hot Tap can be a useful way of achieving a drain point so that it can be tested for pressure and it’s contents.

At PSL we provide the complete service. This includes welding and we can source all required fittings, valves and materials to complete our work to the highest standards possible.

Hot Tapping can be used in place of Pipe Freezing, this depends on the pipework system to be modified.