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Welcome to Pipefreezing Services Ltd. At PSL we supply a full range of specialist pipe isolation services, including Liquid Nitrogen pipe freezing and Line Stopping. We also carry out other pipework solutions such as Hot Tapping and Probe Insertion, for flow measurement.

We started PSL in 2012 bringing in a vast amount of knowledge and experience into the pipe-freezing market. The company is managed by the most knowledgeable technicians in the industry. The director and head technician have more than twenty-five years of proven experience behind them collectively.

All our team members must be trained for at least two years under strict supervision before they are allowed to work alone. We make sure that all valuable knowledge is passed down to our technicians, this is to provide them with excellent technical knowledge and experience.

We provide our excellent service using exceptionally well-maintained vehicles and equipment, providing professional service and conduct. Safety is our highest priority, for our staff and for our Clients.

We provide up to date risk assessments for every job we carry out, alongside constantly reviewed Method Statements and CoSHH Assessments. We will provide your business or organisation with all the technical paperwork you will require. This is to ensure that you’ll recognize that our equipment, materials and methods are safe.

Quality is key to our operation. We constantly review our policies and procedures as well as our staff training, to ensure that we are providing the best service.

Our Services

Pipe Freezing Services

Liquid Nitrogen pipe freezing is the method we provide when achieving pipeline isolation when no other alternative exists. The pipe is cooled until an ice core forms inside, is strong enough to withhold the system pressure and contents, allowing modifications to be carried out safely.

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Hot Tapping Services

Under pressure drilled branch connection, known as Hot Tapping is a procedure used to create new branch connections on an existing pipe service, such as new fan coil unit connections. A branch is installed on the live pipe with the use of either welding or an encirclement clamp.

This is then drilled live with the use of a specialist rig to give a new live connection. This whole procedure is carried out with the system live and running.

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Line Stopping Services

Mechanical Line stopping is a specialist technique used to isolate a pipeline. It is used in scenarios where it is not possible or preferred to perform Liquid Nitrogen Pipe Freezing. For instance, when a critical system cannot be shut up to cool, pumps cannot be turned off to stop the flow or a leak is causing a large flow.

A normal hot tap is first carried, with use of either a new welded or clamped connection and isolation valve. Then a specialist Line Stopping rig is used to insert either a mechanical ‘bung’ or a balloon into the line, which when correctly inserted will stop the flow of its contents and holding back the system pressure.

In some cases, this will be enough to allow works to proceed to modify the pipework. In other cases a pipe freeze may then be performed, to give a 100% isolation.

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Probe Insertion Services

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Psl is available 24/7 in London, the home counties and across the Uk. Our work takes us all across the whole of Great Britain and has taken us as far as Northern Ireland. With our specialist services, we are not adverse to travel to help our clients succeed with their projects. 

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Under pressure Probe Insertion is a specialist method of achieving a new probe or measuring point into a pipeline system. In certain scenarios, it is the most efficient and cost-effective way of achieving a new metering point into a pipe system, and in other cases, such as when a system cannot be drained or frozen, it is the only option.

The technique allows us to install your new probes, without draining or isolating the system in any way, and with no loss or altering of your critical pipe functions.

How It Works:

First, a bespoke steel saddle must be machined by our specialist supplier. This is made to the exact size, shape and thread of the probes you wish to install. These probes are then brought to the site by PSL and welded onto the external surface of the pipe.

A temporary ball valve is installed to the external thread of the saddle and wound on until tight. At this point we pressure test then new weld, to ensure before we drill that, there will be no leaks or problems.

A Hot Tap is then carried out, to drill the correct size hole in the pipe wall. This is carried out as per the procedure, which is explained in our Hot Tapping Guide on the downloads page. Once complete the hot tap rig is exchanged for our probe insertion tool.

This allows us to use a socket and ratchet to wind the new probe into the internal thread of the saddle, whilst containing the system pressure and contents. This process is without the loss of any fluid. Once tight the temporary ball valve is removed and the process is complete. Then it’s ready for you to install your measuring equipment and start taking readings straight away.